Gigant Ziplines

Each year the record of the longest zip line is beaten. But fortunately, this is not the only thing that characterizes the giant zip line experience.

With new technologies it is now possible to exceed 140 km/h and make simulteneousoutputs of up to 6 lines in parallel. The great zip line seem to have no more limit than that of their inventors. Now it is a fully controlled technology that can be adapted to almost any limitation, with extremely varied possibilities of use. From the possibility of being installed to be able to contemplate a dazzling landscape, to the attractiveness that it supposes for those who observe the user to travel for la long distance, these giant zip lines are a great attraction at all levels, for those who use them and for those who contemplate them, which diversifies the number of attractions associated with this activity.

Cost of work ****/
Infrastructure cost ******/
Maintenance cost **/
Operating cost ****/
Yields ********/

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