Souffleire Aerodium

Men have always dreamed of flying, now it is possible  thnaks to these new generation wind tunnels. Contrary to what it seems, it is very easy to learn to fly in an Aerodium wind tunnel.

Great sensations are guaranteed and are totally addictive. No other technology makes it possible to feel this freedom of movement in three dimensions, totally free from the earth’s attraction. An activity to take your breath away. Wind tunnels are one of the most attractive attractions when installed for an event or show. In addition, they have resulted in the emergence of new sports and dance disciplines. It can also be used as a zero gravity simulator. In the same way, the installation of an air wind tunnel is an attraction not only for it users, but also for those who contemplate how incredible it is to see a person flying.

Cost of work ******/
Infrastructure cost **********/
Maintenance cost ****/
Operating cost ****/
Yields ********/

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