Zip Twist – Zip Line Coaster

This new generation of zip lines is undoubtedly the most innovative recreational activity of this century.

The curves with zipper allow to draw paths in the middle of the forest until then unthinkable, and this technology is booming. It is also possible to install these routes in artificial structures and make them accessible to people with disavility. The zip lines combine technology and natural environment, the perfect symbiosis. The galvanized steel rail through which the users slides, thanks to the necessary equipment, is validated by independent inspection bodies the guarantee its rigidity and resistance. Prior the installation, a topographic survey of the forest is carried out where it will be installed, in order to know the reality of the land. Also, the installation includes the starting platform and the reception ramp.

Cost of work ****/
Infrastructure cost ******/
Operating cost **/
Maintenance cost **/
Yields ********/

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