Cannopy Course

Discover the natural world by walking from tree to tree to meet the fauna and flora.

It allows for example the public to visit animal parks or zoos in a more immersive way. It is also a nigthttime discovery attraction of the canopy, popular with families thanks to the various platforms used to observe the surranding environment. During its desing, it is possible to foresee for use in stroller and bicycle.

Cost of work **/
Infrastructure cost ******/
Operating cost **/
Maintenance cost ****/
Rendimientos ******/

Artificial Adventure Park

Adventure courses on artificial structures can be installed almos anywhere

This makes it possible to imagine a customized product. By condensing a multitude of different types of games, it is possible to make the activity attractive for the whole family in a small space. Their desing can be mobile to be able to exploit them throughout the year. The ability to interchange games can create new adventures at each installation.

Cost of work **/
Infrastructure cost *******/
Maintenance cost **/
Operating cost ****/
Rendimientos ********/

Alpine Coaster

The new generation Alpine Coaster reduces investment costs, integrates more easily into the landscape and provides adictives sensations.

Its single rail structure allows for extremely easy handling and greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs. 1000 meters of tracks are assembled and dismounted in 3 days with 5 people. The lightness of the trolleys makes it possible to transport them to the starting point by using the existing infrastructures. A revolution in the world of Alpines Coasters.

Cost of work **/
Infrastructure cost **********/
Maintenance cost ****/
Operating cost ******/
Yields ********/

Aquatic Adventures Park

Aquatic Adventures Park are inflatable play spaces allowing infinite combinations with a wide variety of modules for all ages.

Aquatic adventure parks can accommodate a large number of practitioners at the same time and of any age. It is currently one of the most popular activities for the whole family, both for its novelty and for its accessibility. Technological advances in the field of welding and surfacing have made it possible to invent new forms and, therefore, to propose activities never seen before in inflatable games.

Cost of work **/
Infrastructure cost *******/
Maintenance cost ******/
Operating cost ******/
Yields ******/

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